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Four Common Mistakes That Would Ruin Your Natural Hair.

by Mariam Olowoshile | | hair growth tips, natural hair, natural hair mistakes, natural hair tips | 0 Comments

You have been on your natural hair journey for so long or you just started your hair growth journey, yet you are wondering why your hair is not growing and you are not seeing results?

Here are four common mistakes you could be making and not aware of that is stopping you from achieving your hair goals!


 1. Diet: You know the popular saying “You are what you eat”.  This is also applicable when it comes to your hair. Paying attention to your diet is key to growing your hair. If you’re lacking specific nutrients in your diet, you may start to see the effects on your hair and vice versa. Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3’s are important in keeping your hair healthy. Vitamins will also help in boosting your hair growth, while proteins will help maintain it. 

Image of healthy food


 2. Using the wrong hair product: The key to selecting hair products for yourself is finding out what works for you personally. 
 Don’t be too quick to use products just because people are using them. What works for A might not work for B, but it doesn’t mean the hair product is bad. What’s important is to listen to your hair and get to know what works and what doesn’t in order to develop your hair routine. For example, if your hair is oily, use shampoos that can help in removing the excess oil. Know your hair type and hair porosity. Always read the ingredients list to make the right choice.  


Hair product

 3. Over manipulating your hair: Your natural hair is fragile and should be handled with care. Avoid excessive combing, styling, and over manipulation if you want to grow your hair and avoid breakage. Less is more ! Touching and pulling  your hair too much could also lead to breakage, dry strands, frizz and even product build up. Opt out for protective hairstyles and invest in quick fix hairstyles,  like natural hair extensions, wigs and ponytails.


Over manipulating of hair


4. Using too much heat on your hair: Although heat styling technique on the hair is widely used, using too much heat could have long-term effects on your hair, like split ends, loss of moisture and elasticity. It could also change the structure of hair proteins which affect the growth pattern of the hair. If you’re looking to grow your natural hair, minimize heat styling, and while using heat on your hair, always use a heat protection serum to lessen the heat damage. 

Using heat on natural hair

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