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Embracing Self-love - Natural Hair Journey

When I was much younger the thought of the weekends drawing near was generally marred. Carried by the thought of the weekly visit to the salon, the painful and careless tugging of my tender natural hair by Mama Ibrahim.

Her constant struggle and using the wooden tail comb to comb through my tightly curled 4c hair. These didn’t have me jumping on the natural hair bandwagon, and if I’m being honest, I hated my hair.


Image of a traditional black woman making a girl’s hair.


Growing up now, I’m much more informed and finally getting to make peace with my natural hair. Understanding the uniqueness of it and generally appreciating it more. The tender care of my crown has helped my self-esteem and confidence. Historically, black women have been shunned for wearing their natural hair and have been bullied into using relaxers, flat irons and other harsh chemicals.


Accepting the Natural hair is one of the most powerful decisions black women have made, this has changed the narrative and created a friendlier community for young black women to grow.


Weaving hair making process


Embracing my natural hair has taught me the essence of self-love in many ways which has me walking with my head up high as the queen that I am. Caring for my natural hair has been a form of self-love for me, understanding my curl patterns, growth and even the breakage.


Being more aware and giving my hair the care that it deserves, I still dread going to the salons, but I am grateful for the Protective styling units made for women of color.

Olden days hairstyle chart


Finally, I feel seen and loved! Life has become so  much easier with the wide variety of natural hair protective styling units which has made styling my hair and caring for it even much easier. I can now make my hair without constant tugging and headaches from spending long hours at the salon.


Discovering Naturalhairrockss, I feel like I’ve finally hacked this natural hair journey. I’ve bonded with my natural hair, and it is one of the greatest forms of self-love for me.

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