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Current Hair Trends- Yay or Nay

One thing constant about styles and trends is that it evolves. It’s no surprise that hairstyles that used to be trendy back in the day can be in the limelight again in present times. 

 From micro layered braids to exploring hairstyles with cornrows, it gives a nostalgic feeling. Today, we would be sharing 5 hair trends in 2022 that you should watch out for. 


Layered braids 

Speaking of hairstyles that have evolved, the layered braids hairstyle which is now a current trend in 2022 was trending during the 90s. This hairstyle trend started as a recreation of the Nollywood look and it actually became a thing! 

There are different ways to explore this hairstyle to your taste, by using the different colors, lengths, and sizes depending on your style. it’s funny how people used to dread sitting down for tiny braids but are willing to sit for these micro layered braids. On the other hand, some people opt-out for medium-sized braids. But as always pain is temporary drip is eternal.


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Frontal Ponytail 

Who doesn’t love a sleek and pretty laid-down ponytail? I’m sure that was the idea of this frontal ponytail taking that sleek ponytail game to another level. This is becoming a fast-rising hairstyle trend in 2022. Extra sleek with the extra baby hair and just the perfect ponytail. So in case, you see anyone with extra edges and a seamless swoop or a bang pony don’t overthink it, it’s probably a frontal ponytail. Just like most trendy hairstyles this style is also versatile as it could be styled as desired. 

Frontal ponytail | sleek ponytail | trendy hairstyles | baby hair

Feed-in half braids on frontal

Still, on the topic of frontal, frontals really said no front hair or edges? No problem.  If you don’t want to stress your hair, this is the perfect fit. Getting feed-in braids on frontal is also a hairstyle trend in 2022. There’s absolutely no limit to the style of the braid that you can achieve with this look. 

Feed in braids | frontal cornrows | frontal half braids | edges (Pinterest)

Love detailed cornrows

You cannot talk about currently trending hairstyles without mentioning this cornrows style with heart details by the side. This style gives room for creativity and is mostly finished with the hair wrapped around at the back or you can add extra curly extensions to spice up the look even more. 

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With Clip-ins, you can never run out of style. In the light of extra length, volume, and spice to the natural hair the clip-ins come in. This hairstyle trend gives a seamless and natural look to the hair and can be styled how you would typically style your natural hair.


Clip-ins | timeless hairstyle


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