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Black Hair Don’t Care- Black History Month

Ever been in a situation where your Afro hair was labeled unprofessional in corporate spaces or even called tacky?

‘Why does your hair look so rough?’

'Wouldn't you comb out your hair?'

'You need to look presentable for this, so slick that afro back and straighten it or something’

‘Don't you think you should use a relaxer on your hair so it can look better?’

'The hairstyle would have turned out better if your hair was relaxed or straightened '

‘Why don’t you just throw on a wig?’

I could go on ……


Black lady on her Naturalhairrockss wig


I know it’s 2022, sad to say but people still go through these to date, several opinions on what to do and what not to do with your natural hair. Even with the fact that natural hair has gained popularity in the black community in recent years, some women still face daily discrimination and emotional strife while embracing their natural hair.

While some are still battling with acceptance, more women are now seen wearing their natural hair unapologetically and no longer care about other people’s opinions.


Black lady on Afro hair smiling


So here’s to unapologetically rocking our natural FRO whichever way we desire.

If you want to rock your FRO? Do it unapologetically.

If you feel like going out with a wig? Sis own it!

What is important is that you’re doing it for yourself and not conforming to some sort of unrealistic beauty standard.

Remember, Black Hair Don’t Care!


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